The Royal K

This historic banner is flown throughout Klah to celebrate the return of the royal hunting party, which each year rides out into the wilderness in pursuit of the wily scrambleberry bush. The succulent fruits of the scrambleberry bush are considered an essential part of the annual midwinter feast, and top Klah food critics have rated them alongside national dishes such as fresh fig & lettuce pie, and eggs with egg jam. The bush itself is unique in its ability to scurry through the undergrowth, requiring the royal hunting party to wear tight, streamlined bodysuits and ride miniature ponies. Often the pursuit lasts several days and the hunters return extremely tired and bedraggled, with countless small twigs tangled in their matted hair and thorns embedded in their shredded skins. The sight of the intricate banners hung from balconies and waved from hot air balloons always spurs the hunters on and very few of them fall from their ponies from this point. Last year one of the hunters, Sir Bobulous Connikin, was so electrified by the welcome that he ripped off what remained of his bodysuit, leapt into the air, and began to tap-dance on the back of his poor miniature pony, which in turn inspired an impromptu nationwide danceparty. Many citizens believe the banner contains a great power and tests have indeed shown that the nearer one is to the royal K, the stronger and more powerful one becomes.