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Snazzcat! (Traditional Klahtian exclamation of excitement) - Free NZ shipping over $250!
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The Lair of Snazzlerazz the Terrible (House & Garden Special)

Klah House & Garden is excited to announce this month’s special is on the never-before-seen Lair of Snazzlerazz the Terrible.  As many readers will know, Snazzlerazz the Terrible has for centuries lived in a deep cave in the North of Klah, luring unsuspecting hedgehogs into his lair by making the cry of a wounded snail, and then devouring them whole.

Up until 2012 he regularly found his way onto the annual “Top 10 Most Feared Creatures in Klah” list, and centuries of Klahtian children have had nightmares at the thought of what Snazzlerazz’s mouth must look like to be able to swallow an entire hedgehog, spikes and all – not to mention he hasn’t purchased a toothbrush in living memory.

Last August, however, Snazzlerazz had an unfortunate accident when he snagged one of his teeth in a woollen jersey he was putting on, and because he had no friends to help him, spent 3 days blinded by it before managing to free himself.  During those three days, in between howling with frustration and running into things, he had an epiphany about the state of his existence.

He has now turned his life around, taking morning jogs, adhering to a strict vegan diet, and has even started his own series of workshops, Self-Help with Snazzlerazz: From Hedgehogs to Happiness, which will soon be followed by a book. After years of being shut away in his lair, he has decided to allow the world in via Klah House & Garden.  

Our own Horasina Medwick travelled there (courtesy of Klah Star Airlines), took this image and reported that the lair “consists of one fabulous open plan room with stone trimmings, natural water features and rock monuments … The floor is finished with bare earth, and a large, glassless window delivers an impressive view to the valley beyond. Several bone windchimes tinkle in the afternoon breeze, and the air is sweet with mildew.” For more fabulous architectural masterpieces, pick up the May edition of Klah House & Garden at your nearest bookstore.

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