The Cave of Rumours

Cave of Rumours, Northern Klah. Photo: Nina van der Voorn

Rumour has it that due to a strange mineral abnormality, everything made within the cave becomes magnificent, while another rumour suggests that the rumours are true. The cave, located on the side of a valley, deep in the jungle of Mumble - a place you'd normally avoid if you were looking for the serenity of nature - always has an unusual amount of creatures battling their way towards it - often clutching musical instruments, half knitted scarves, the beginnings of an epic novel so epic it cannot be begun, or perhaps the ingredients and utensils to make a cake batter for an important village bake off. Some skeptics have complained though - "it's hard to write an award winning poem when one person is learning the violin and someone else is using a cake mixer in what is essentially an echo chamber".

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