A Must See in Snortleham

Flags signifying the entrance to the esteemed and eccentric Captain Bibblekins' home, which consists of a series of overturned, empty turtle shells that serve as cots. The shells are enormous and lined with a variety of materials ranging from plush velvet cushions to the captains old, unwearable socks, and as guests are often invited to stay for a few days it is recommended to visit in very small groups or to bring your own bedding. Although now retired, Capt. Bibblekins is still unmatched in both his sailing skills and colourful tattoos, the most controversial of which depicts a large octopus wearing a skimpy bathing suit and waltzing with the King of Klah, who is also wearing a skimpy bathing suit. Captain Bibblekins and his home are a must visit attraction if you are visiting the East Coast of Snortleham.

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