The Tree of Exploding Potential

A Tree of Exploding Potential in the mountains of Klah. ToEPs (scientific name: Explodus Potentialus) spontaneously combust when they feel, through their roots and the messages whispered through the soil, that someone in the world is not fulfilling their potential. The Person of Failing Potential all of a sudden feels this explosion as a tiny prick on the sole of their left foot, which develops into an itch, and before long they know without a shadow of doubt that they must go out and find the tree. This journey may take many months / pairs of shoes / flasks of guzzlejuice, and by the time the Person of Failing Potential reaches their tree most of the job will already be done, but it is not until a branch is taken, danced around, thrown thrice in the air and eventually nibbled on that the person suddenly finds they have everything they need: the will, the plan and the means to become a Person of Happening Potential.

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